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Property Tax Information

~Property taxes are due on August 31st

~Interest is charged on all unpaid accounts as of September 1st

~Taxes are based on the assessed value as of April 1st 

~Taxes are billed to the owner(s) of the property as of April 1st 

~Bills are typically mailed out in mid-July

~The 2021 mil rate is $7.65 per $1,000 (.00765)

Important Notice

If your taxes are past due, please call the Treasurer/Tax Collector's Office at

(207) 348-6060

for a payoff amount. If you do not send enough, we will have to send an additional bill and if you send too much, we will have to send you a check- even if it is just for a few cents.

Tax payments can be mailed to:

Town of Deer Isle

Tax Collector

P.O. Box 46

Deer Isle, ME 04627

Checks should be payable to Town of Deer Isle.

Did you not receive a property tax bill?

Taxes are due on August 31st and interest will accrue beginning September 1st of each year regardless of whether or not you have received a tax bill. If you have not received a tax bill by the 2nd week in August, please call the Treasurer/Tax Collector's office.

Tax Assessing Information

The tax assessing agent for the Town of Deer Isle holds office hours one day each month, usually on the second Wednesday. If you have questions concerning your tax assessment, please call the Town Office at (207)348-6060 to schedule an appointment with the assessing agent. Appointments are in person at the Town Office, by phone or by Zoom. Please make an appointment and call at the appropriate time.

For information about the
Maine Individual Income Tax - Property Tax Fairness Credit

For the Maine Property Tax Abatement Application Form

Maine Property Tax Deferral Program for Seniors and Disabled


If you prefer to make monthly payments on your property taxes and you do not owe back taxes, join our tax club. Each January the Treasurer/Tax Collector's Office will send you a payment book with estimated monthly payments based on the previous years' taxes. Tax Club members have from January to December to pay off their taxes with no interest. Simply mail in your monthly payment stub with your check or drop it off at the Town Office.

For details, call the Treasurer/Tax Collector's Office.

2024 Tax Commitment book


Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems
* Note the parcel information is based on 2011 digitized tax maps. Data are not current.

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2024 Tax Maps
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