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Commercial and recreational shellfish harvesting licenses are available at the Town Office or by mail with a completed application and applicable fees.

Recreational harvesters may dig up to one peck of shellfish per day. One peck is approximately half of a five gallon bucket.

Clams must be at least 2" long.

Hen clams must be at least 4" long.

Recreational licenses allow harvesting for personal use only. It is illegal to sell shellfish unless you have the appropriate commercial licenses.

Commercial shellfish harvesters are required to have a valid State of Maine Commercial Shellfish License and a Town of Deer Isle Commercial Shellfish License.

Residents of Deer Isle must produce two proofs of residence to purchase a commercial license.

Non-resident licenses are available by lottery on May 1st of each year or the next business day after May 1st.  The number of non-resident commercial licenses available is adjusted annually by the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

Licenses, both commercial and recreational are valid from June 1st to May 31st each year.

To read the entire Town of Deer Isle Shellfish Conservation Ordinance, click on the link below.

2024-2025 Shellfish Harvesting      License Fees

Commercial Resident              

Commercial Non-Resident           

Commercial Resident Jr.           

Commercial Non-Resident Jr.       

Commercial Resident Senior (>65)

Commercial Non-Resident Senior 

Recreational Resident               

Recreational Non-Resident    

Recreational Senior (>65 years)    Non-resident Senior (> 65 years)

3 Day Non-resident Recreation







$  25

$  50




No license is required for youths 12 years

of age or younger.

Recreational Salt Water Fishing



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Deer Isle Shellfish Warden

Raylene Pert


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