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Deer Isle Futures

Comprehensive Planning for a Vibrant Future

Steering Committee

  • William Wiegmann, Chair​

  • Heather Cormier, Clerk/Secretary

  • Brian Billings

  • Diana Hartnett

  • Esther Adams

  • Joel Billings

  • Lewis Ellis

  • Oriana Wuerth

  • Percy "Joe" Brown, Selectboard

  • Valerie Duncan

  • Walter Kumiega

Support Staff

  • Jim Fisher, Town Manager

  • Ed Billings, Resiliency Planner

  • Averi Varney, HCPC Planner

  • Greg Piduch, HCPC Planner

  • Alice Cockerham, HCPC Planner

  • Tex Hauser, HCPC Consultant

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